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10 Amazing Ways to use Paniyaram/Aebleskiver Pan

10 Amazing Ways to use Appe Pan

Paniyaram pan is also known as Appe pan in some demographics and Aebleskiver pan in other places.

However, since I am from south india I am going to share some of the hybrid creative recipes I created using this pan.

For people who have never heard of this pan here is the Amazon listing you can buy from.

I recommend cast iron paniyaram pan with lid (which I use) so we can make all the below amazing recipes easily.

Ideally this is called Paniyaram pan but it is used to make many other food recipes. I am going to share those new recipes I tried using this pan today.

To start with, I took all the my favorite deep fried snacks and tried using the Paniyaram pan. The snacks turned out great and tasted little better than the deep fried ones(maybe I am biased), more importantly I dont have the guilt of having too much fried food.

This appe/aebleskiver/appe pan is super easy to cook with it takes less amount of oil and the mold makes it easy to create finger food.

1. Masala (Loaded) Egg Omelette

Ofcourse I have to start with egg. Who doesnt like eggs? especially if it is loaded with flavours and spice and if it can come in bite sizes. Deadly combination I bet.

This is similar to the spicy mexican omelette recipe but my version of it. When it comes to egg you can try adding whatever you like and you can never go wrong. However, there is always a better version of the recipe.

The Masala omelet is I created is simple, soft, fluffy and infused with flavors from Indian spices. If you are skeptical about the Indian spices, try one by one and pick the ones that you can handle.

I used only some basic spices especially green ones so you should be good to try it.

Using our appe/paniyaram pan it is easy to make these eggs in few minutes so give it a try in small batches and adjust as you get closer to your taste. But do give my recipe a try first, everyone who tried it liked it a lot.

You can serve masala omelet as a snack, breakfast, kids lunch, appetizer or a side dish.

One tip though, make sure you serve it hot. I have seen it become bit moist as it cools down.

Check out the recipe masala egg omelette.

2. Homemade Falafel

Falafel is a crunchy deep fried Mediterranean dish with chickpeas, garlic and fresh herbs.

Making Falafel at home couldnt be easier than this. With the pan in place all you need is a batter.

You can make a healthier version of falafel in the paniyaram pan without deep frying.

Enjoy the healthy and tasty falafel without indulging the fat from oil.

Check out the falafel recipe I made using Paniyaram Pan.

3. Boiled Egg Bonda

Most of us are always looking for best hard boiled egg recipes all the time. Here is a creative boiled egg recipe that is really delicious.

Traditionally Egg bonda is a delicious deep fried snack with boiled egg and chickpea flour batter.

With our Paniyaram pan we can make this protein-packed egg bonda healthy without deep frying.

You can serve egg bonda as a snack or appetizer.

Check out the recipe for egg bonda using paniyaram pan.

4. Sweet Banana Paniyaram (Highly recommended)

If you are into Banana based food, this is a must try.

I usually make this anytime we have overripe bananas.

Sweet banana paniyaram was originally invented in South Indian but overtime it has taken many versions and this is my unique version of easy overripe banana recipe that uses less ingredients like overripe banana, wheat flour, and coconut.

When it comes to using overripe bananas people choose baking like muffins or breads but I suggest this no bake banana recipe just to keep it super simple for a quick evening tea time snack.

My son goes crazy on this recipe. I urge you to make this if you have kids at home. It is an excellent snack for the kids.

This sweet, soft and spongy paniyarams are easy and simple to make in just a few minutes.

Check out the recipe for sweet banana paniyaram.

5. Original Kuzhi Paniyaram (Guntu Ponganalu)

This recipe is probably a old recipe in south india, very popular and most of the people from southern part would have tried it as a childwood snack.

Guntu ponganalu is a savory paniyaram recipe with leftover idli batter. Sour idli batte flavored with chopped onion, green chiles, coriander leaves and cooked in the paniyaram pan. You can serve guntu ponganalu as a snack or breakfast.

Check out the recipe for kuzhi paniyaram.

6. Potato/Aloo Bonda (Batata Vada)

Potato is another popular ingredient to make delicious snack recipes (french fries anyone?).

Aloo mean potato in Hindi. Aloo bonda is a popular Indian snack, mashed potato balls dipped in the chickpea flour batter and deep fried.

Once again I created this twist to make it with the Paniyaram pan, guess what? this one tasted amazing as well.

You can make guilt-free aloo bondas using the paniyaram pan.

Check out the recipe for aloo bonda.

7. Baati

Baati is a popular Rajasthani dish with wheat flour, sooji, and ghee. Traditionally, it is baked in a tandoori oven. I tried cooking baatis in the paniyaram pan over a low heat and turned yummy just like the baked ones.

Check out the recipe for baati.

8. Medu Vada

Medu vada is a deep fried snack with urad dal. Enjoy the guilt-free and tasty medu vadas using the Paniyaram pan

Check out the recipe for medu vada.

9. Instant and Healthy Oats Paniyaram

Oats Paniyaram is a healthy and instant Paniyaram recipe with oats. Kids would love these tasty oats Paniyaram.

Check out the recipe for oats Paniyaram.

10. Unniappam

Unniappam is a delicious sweet with banana, rice flour, jaggery, and ghee. You can serve unniappam as a snack or dessert. Kids would love this sweet and crispy ghee flavored unniappams.

Check out the recipe for unniappam.

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