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avocado milkshake

avocado shake

Avocado shake with strawberries is an easy and healthy breakfast. Avocado, milk and strawberries together make a healthy and filling breakfast smoothie.

A Healthy Breakfast:

Smoothies are an excellent breakfast option that is loaded with fruits and veggies. This avocado smoothie is easy and simple to make in just a few minutes in the busy morning and it make us feel fuller and energetic for a long time. Kids would also love smoothies, especially an excellent breakfast option for picky eaters. My son Aldrich takes a longer time to finish his breakfast and sometimes he skips his breakfast too. As a mom, I feel so guilty to send him to the school with an empty stomach. In those times, smoothies are the better option, it is so easy and healthy loaded with vitamins and proteins. As we all know that avocado is a healthy fruit packed with goodness like omega 3 fatty acids and strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins and milk with calcium and protein. Check out the other breakfast smoothies kale apple smoothie, strawberry orange smoothie, mango pineapple smoothie, banana oatmeal dates smoothie and strawberry banana smoothie.

Smart Cooking Tips:

1. You can frozen strawberries in this smoothie instead of fresh strawberries. If you are using fresh strawberries make sure to choose the sweet ones. Sour strawberries tend to curdle the milk.

2. You can replace the sugar with honey or agave nectar or maple syrup as a sweetener.


3. You can use soy milk or almond milk or 2% reduced-fat milk instead of whole milk.



A good blender for smoothies:

A good blender is necessary for making perfectly textured smoothies. If you make smoothies at least twice a week buying a high power blender like Blendtec is a better option that blends fruits (both fresh and frozen), veggies, and nuts in just a few minutes. The best and my favorite part about Blendtec is, it is so easy to clean even after blending the sticky ingredients like dates and raisins. Blendtec is not only excellent for making smoothies but also for sauces, dips, soups and ice creams. Being a South Indian, I use Blendtec almost five to six times a week for grinding batter for idlis, dosas, chutneys, coconut for curries, spice powders and oats flour for chapatis and dosas.

Check out the different Blendtec models with its price range here. Shop The World’s Best Blenders from Blendtec!


Often you can get a better deal for the refurbished Blendtec from the Blendtec company itself. Check out for the refurbished Blendtec.


How to serve avocado smoothie?

Serve avocado smoothie immediately after blending.


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avocado milkshake
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins

Avocado shake with strawberries is an easy and healthy breakfast. Avocado, milk and strawberries together make a healthy and filling breakfast smoothie. 

Course: smoothie
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2
Author: Antonet Roajer
  • 0.50 no AVOCADOS
  • 1.50 cup MILK
  1. Blend avocado flesh, milk, sugar and strawberries together until smooth and serve.

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