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How to make money from sponsored posts?

Sponsored posts are my favorite way of making money in blogging. You don’t need to spend a penny out of pocket to be an online influencer and promote their products. All you need is a traffic flowing blog that doesn’t mean your blog needs millions of visitors or followers.

If you are a beginner in blogging, still you can make at least $1000 per month from sponsored partnerships. I started blogging in 2015 and I got paid $100 for the first time from sponsor partnership within a few weeks. That was the first money I made from my blog 🙂 At that time my blog’s pageviews were not even 15,000. As my blog grows my earning potential in sponsorship posts also growing each year. Now I am getting paid a minimum of $250 – $500 per sponsor post.

Influencer Marketing is Growing!!

The good news is that Influencer marketing is trending now. Lots of brands are promoting their products through online influencers, such as bloggers. Nowadays with all the technologies and social media becoming an online influencer is quite easy. Start a blog, create good quality and useful content that is useful for others and promote the content by sharing in social media groups to drive traffic and engagement to your content.

There are lots of media now online to share your content that reaches thousands of people without spending lots of money on marketing. Though it won’t happen in a day or two it takes at least a minimum of 3 – 6 months to bring followers to your blog. Check out here for the tips to drive traffic to your blog. I penned down my experience on how I rapidly increased my traffic from 0 – 275k in just 5 months.

What is Sponsored Partnership?

The sponsored partnership is promoting a product or brand on your blog and getting paid. You get to talk about a brand or product, share details on how to use the product and where to purchase the product and get paid to do it.

Below are a few websites that I am getting sponsorship opportunities and recommend to you as well:


Social Fabric


Find Your Influence


Tap In Influence

Acorn Influence

Soapbox Influence


Sign up in these websites, create a profile, connect your social media networks and start applying for the opportunities. These are only a few websites there are a lot more websites in the online.

Sign up here in this blogging money update and they will send you lots of sponsorship opportunities, payouts ranging from $65 to $5000 to your inbox, three times a week. It is worth signing up!!

Reach out to brands

You can reach out to the brands through email or facebook messenger to promote their products. This method worked well for me. Reach out to the companies or products that fit in your niche, write a brief email with your profile, sample of your work and the ideas you have to promote their brand. Send an email and they would reply back to you within 2 – 3 business days. If not follow up with them or send a message on facebook messenger. Facebook messenger worked well for me so far!!

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