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Pulkha Roti

Pulkha Roti is an easy and simple Indian food recipe to make at home in 30 mins. Pulkha Roti’s (Chapatis) with curry is an ideal food in many Indian households.

How to make Pulkha Roti?

Making pulkha roti at home is easy and simple. Soft chapati depends on the chapati dough. I have seen many people use ghee, milk, and butter while kneading a dough for the soft chapati. But I never used any extra ingredients like milk or butter, just the wheat flour, and water for making chapati dough. I always keep the dough covered for at least 20 minutes before start rolling chapatis. My mom makes layered chapatis, but personally, I feel it is heavy and high in calories compared to Roti’s. Because she adds oil for making layered chapati, apart from calories it tastes yum.

Smart Cooking Tips for Pulkha Roti:

  1. Add water slowly and knead a soft dough. If you are adding more water, it will become difficult to knead a dough.
  2. Make sure to cover and set the dough for at least 20 minutes, before making Rotis. It will help to make a soft chapati.
  3. Cook the roti in a high flame without burning. Burned Roti’s taste bitter.
  4. Chapatis cook faster, so avoid leaving it unattended for a long time.

How to make puffed Roti?

Puffed Roti is made by cooking roti in a direct flame, but I have electric stove top at my home, so I make it using a skillet or pan.

Though it puffs perfectly like the one in a direct flame. As I said before I cover the chapati dough and set for at least 20 minutes before start rolling chapati and I roll it into a single thin layer roti and cook it on a high flame.

Similar Paratha Varieties

Gluten-Free Atta Flour:

If you are following gluten-free diet and wants to enjoy roti for your dinner, you should try this Metta Gluten-Free Atta Flour. This gluten-free flour was created by a mom for his son who was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. Undoubtedly we all know that moms create best for their children. Likewise after years of experimentation, she created this flour nutritious, great tasting and allergen friendly option for many people who have gluten issues. It is blend of ancient grains like sorghum, teff and groud flaxseed, which are rich in protien and nutrition. Metta atta meets FDA gluten-free standards, produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility in the USA, all the ingredients are non-GMO, and it is corn and soy free.

Metta gluten-free atta is great for preparing rotis, chapattis, tortillas, parathas, puris and samosas. Check out these videos for making dough and  rotis.

How to serve Chapati?

Serve chapati with any of your favorite curries or subzi.

Some of the sides or Curries for this roti

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Prep Time
27 mins
Cook Time
3 mins
Total Time
30 mins

 Chapati is an easy and simple Indian food recipe to make at home in 30 mins. Chapatis (pulkha rotis) with curry is an ideal food in many Indian households.

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Servings: 6
Author: Antonet Roajer
  • 1.5 cup WATER
  • 1 tsp SALT TABLE
  1. In a wide bowl add wheat flour, salt and mix well.

  2. Add water slowly and knead a firm and soft dough.

  3. Divide the dough into small balls, dust it with wheat flour to avoid sticking to the rolling surface and roll it into the thin flat circles

  4. Dust off the excess wheat flour from the chapati and place it in a hot skillet (cook one chapati at a time and repeat the same procedure for the rest) and cook until it slightly starts puffing (like popping out little bubbles on top of the chapati). 

  5. Turn and cook on the other side until it puffed perfectly. Keep pressing the chapati gently without tearing using a kitchen towel it helps to cook evenly. Apply ghee or butter on one side of the chapati and serve.

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