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How to safely dispose of unused medicines

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April 27th, 2019, Saturday is a National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. I am grateful for this opportunity to foster awareness about an opioid crisis to keep our loved ones and community safe by of unused medicines properly.

According to Drug, 18 million people in the U.S. over the age of 12 have misused medications at least once in the past year. According to, 192 Americans die every day from a drug overdose.

As a mom, I look to minimize the risk at home in all possible ways. Storing the medications safely from little ones is challenging at times. Little kids are curious to the colorful capsules and they try to imitate parents. I store the medications on the top shelves that are secured with a child lock. However, I never cared about properly disposing of medications until I become a witness in my own family.

Last year, in April, while I was busy cleaning the home for my son’s birthday party. I found a few expired medications on the shelves and sorting out the one that goes to the trash. In between, I heard my phone ringing and got to attend the call. My curious little buddy stuffed his mouth with a hand full of capsules.

I could manage to take out some of the capsules from his mouth though some passed into his stomach. Immediately I reached out a poison control and fortunately, the help arrived on time and my son was treated immediately. I never ever forget that moment in my life. It was the scariest moment that happened in my life so far. After this incident, I started disposing of the expired and unused medications promptly.

Drug Disposal Receptacle

A safe way to dispose of unused medications:

Initially, I started disposing of the unused medications, by flushing down in the toilet or throwing in the garbage. Recently, I came to know that these forms of medications create damage to our environment. According to the Associated Press, 46 million Americans are exposed to trace amounts of medications in their drinking water.

There are many things that I cannot do to protect the environment. Those things are out of my hands but this simple thing I could do. LifeInCheck created a Consumer Drug Take-Back program that provides consumers with a safe option to discard their unused or outdated prescription medications in secure receptacles located across the US.

The LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back receptacle that I visited at St. Vincent Mercy is the closest location for me to dispose of the unused medications.

You could check your closest location that carries LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back receptacle here

This LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back Program Locator Tool is simple to find your closest locations that contains drug disposal receptacle. You could drop the outdated medications in the receptacle.

How to Use the Drug Disposal Receptacle:

The drug disposal receptacle is easy and safe to dispose of unused medications. Once you place medications inside and close the drawer, no one could open the drawer.

Outdated or unused medications don’t need to sit around in your cabinets. Be sure to dispose them safely in a LifeInCheck receptacle without impacting surroundings and environment. And if you’ve personally witnessed the opioid crisis, feel free to share here. Sharing your stories helps to foster awareness and prevention.

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