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15 Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes (From Popular Bloggers)

A collection of Indian vegetarian dinner recipes from popular food blogs.

I see a lot of great bloggers posting excellent recipes. So I decided to do a roundup post every week of all the recipes, that inspired me that week.

Hope you will also find it useful and appreciate the bloggers.

1. Pav Bhaji from shital’s-kitchen

Pav Bhaji, another favorite of most Mumbaites (people in Mumbai)! Bhaji is mixed Vegetable cooked with spices is served along with pav/bun. A simple meal of middle-class people commuting for work has turned into a Mumbai specialty and delicacy.

Check out the recipe for pav bhaji.

2. Veg Hakka Noodles From Crave Your Carving

Perfect Veg Hakka noodles – indo chinese is a basic easy stir fry noodles that can be enjoyed on it’s own or with your choice of gravy or veggies.

Check out the recipe for Veg Hakka Noodles.

3. Vegetable Biryani from Cooking Carnival

Vegetable Biryani is made many ways. Authentic Way of making Vegetable Biryani takes a long time and many spices. This Vegetable Biryani In Pressure Cooker is easy to make yet tastes yum. I would name this as Bachelors biryani as it comes very handy and you don’t have to cook rice and gravy separately.

Check out the recipe for Vegetable Biryani.

4. Dal Bati from Cookwithmanali

Dal Bati -a traditional dish from the state of Rajasthan in India. Hard wheat balls are baked and then eaten a spicy mix of lentils. It’s topped with lots of ghee which makes it extremely flavorful.

Check out the recipe for Dal Bati.

5. Aloo Paratha from chefdehome

Aloo Paratha is one of the most loved Punjabi Indian breakfast bread which is cooked and enjoyed in all regions of India. In India, even street vendors sell big-size loaded potato parathas and serving with salted butter or dahi (yogurt) on the side.

Check out the recipe for Aloo Paratha.

6. Lachha Paratha from foodandflavorsbyshilpi

Check out the recipe for Lachha Paratha.

7. Bharli Vangi from Aahaaramonline

Bharli Vangi or Bharleli Vangi (Stuffed Brinjals in Marathi) is a popular Maharashtrian dish that is chockful of taste because the masala used for filling uses a range of fragrant and flavorful spices, including the uniquely Maharashtrian Goda Masala.

Check out the recipe for Bharli Vangi.

8. Lauki Kofta from foodfellas4you

Sharing the best lauki kofta recipe you’ll ever find, with important tips n tricks on making soft melt in the mouth koftas!

Check out the recipe for Lauki Kofta.

9. Palak Paneer from antoskitchen

Palak Paneer Recipe is an easy and simple vegetarian food in just a few minutes. Palak Paneer with chapati or rice is the healthy meal ideas for quick dinners.

Check out the recipe for Palak Paneer.

10. Bombay Sandwich from Hebbar’s Kitchen

Veggie sandwich is a popular street food of Bombay, which is mainly served with boiled potatoes and other vegetables, in addition, these sandwich also contains Mumbai sandwich masala and Mumbai sandwich chutney.

Check out the recipe for Bombay Sandwich.

11. Bisibelebath from SmithaKalluraya

Today I have for you all ” Bisi Bele Bath / Sambar Rice ” a signature dish from Karnataka. Bisi Bele Bath literally translates to – ” Bisi – Hot; Bele – lentil; Bath – Rice item ”. As the name says …It’s spicy, hot and wholesome with rice, dal, and veggies … tastes best when served hot. Some dishes never fail to bore you …though I’ve been eating this dish since ages, it still remains one of my favorites.

Check out the recipe for Bisibelebath.

12. Chole Bhature from My Ginger Garlic Kitchen

Punjabi Chole Bhature | Chana Bhatura is one of the tempting and flavorful dishes from Punjabi Cuisine. The combination of ‘Chickpea Curry’ and ‘Fried Flatbreads’ is known as ‘Chole Bhature’.

Check out the recipe for Chole Bhature.

13. Iddiyappam from Herbivorecucina

Homemade hand pressed rice noodles that require just 4 ingredients. Perfect for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Psst, this one is vegan and gluten-free too.

Check out the recipe for Idiyappam.

14. Garlic Naan from Binjalsvegkitchen

No Yeast Whole Wheat Garlic Naan, It’s the easiest bread I have ever made. It is No Yeast Whole Wheat Garlic Naan, no proving time, no tandoor/oven and eggless too, still crispy soft and fluffy naan like a restaurant.

Check out the recipe for whole wheat garlic naan.

Kerala Appam from mycookingjourney

Appam is a fermented rice pancake which mainly consists of rice and coconut. It is very famous in the Kerala cuisine and eaten mostly as a breakfast or dinner.

Check out the recipe for Kerala Appam.

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