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Logo design for Food Blogs

logo design for food blogs

As you know, there are two kinds of people in the world: the first are those who live to eat, and the second are those who eat to live. But it turns out that there is also a third kind – those who make food more attractive and exciting – designers of the food industry.

Promotion of the Food Business through Blogging

Today, almost every self-respecting food company has a blog. And this is not a surprise since the blog helps to keep constant communication with the audience, i.e. attracts new customers and retains old ones. But what creates the strongest association with your business?

Sure, it’s high-quality logo.  It is developed to facilitate the consumer identification of both the particular food and the brand.

Striking food logo will differentiate your product from the competition and make your business much more memorable. A unique trademark is usually made of a name and symbols, rarely – of a visual image of a particular product. Sometimes manufacturers promote several brands under the same logo, but in this case the focus on the particular products significantly dissimilates. So it would be better to develop the individual logo for each trademark. Yes, the price for such work will be higher, but the benefits will overcome the costs.

To develop a logo, you have to work in two directions:

Also, be sure to determine the content and character of the logo – it could be functional, psychological, social, or spiritual. The logo should reflect the ideology, creed of the product, and the characteristic features of the business (e.g. vitality, elegance, elitism, and so on).

Logo design is costly and time-consuming work. The secret to a successful logo is that the visitor who saw the logo at least once could easily draw it on the paper. That’s why please start the development with a sketch.

Next you need to paint the logo. Most restaurants and cafes logo use standard colors: beige, brown and muted green. Of course, you need to experiment with colors. The more good examples you see, the better.

This selection of logos is not only a portion of inspiration but also an excellent stimulus to start:

Logo design for food blogs

Logo design for websites

As you see, the logos above are all different. Someone intensely play with fonts; someone try to be creative and to associate the image with the name of the restaurant.

The basic concept of creative design is that it should be unique and attractive within the basic style of color and form. Do not forget to consider it when designing a logo for your food blog.

Some Tips on How to Make the Logo Work for Your Brand

Since the appearance of the first fonts and the advent of digital technologies, logo designers are constantly looking for new forms, ideas and ways of their implementation.

Let’s consider the underlying trends that will make your logo more attractive:

A new approach. Businessmen do not like to take risks. Often, they prefer not to experiment and choose something proven, since any gamble could cost them business. Perhaps this is why, until recently, we have seen only static and limited logo.

But there are always designers who want to go beyond the usual. If you have something really valuable in your mind, please try to implement it. It’s better to fail than to stay away and regret that you’ve not even tried.

Avoid custom fonts. Designers have long honed their skills and achieved certain heights in creating beautiful and geometrically correct fonts. With the advent of the digital age, there were a lot of various tools and techniques for creating fonts, so the traditional rules have lost their relevance.

Of course, many of the classic fonts (for example, Helvetica) are still widely used, but even the old school designers more and more often create original fonts.

Dynamic logos and logos series. The designers and their customers are constantly looking for new ways to make their logos even better. If you see the same logo year after year, you’ll finally find it annoying. To avoid such congestion, create a dynamically modified logo like Google’s one. Series of logos gaining huge popularity since they add dynamism and freshness both to your blog and brand.

Besides, a series of logos have one more purpose: you’ll better understand what kind of graphic design you need, which will finally result in the concept of the logo that works.

  1. Be simple and honest. In 2016, designers are honest as never. Consumers choose a company beyond which there are real people. That is why it makes sense to a simple logo like pencil drawing and stamp. This way you’ll establish an individual relationship with the customer, creating a sense of personal contact with the company.
  2. Use text. With the emergence of new companies and redesigns of old ones, customers sometimes lose the connection between companies and their logos. The text logo will increase your awareness.
  3. Lower-case letters. Until recently, most text logos were made just of capital letters. Uppercase had been considered as more solid and impressive. But times have changed, and today you can succeed with lower-case letters since they create an easy and attractive image.
  4. Understanding of the printing process. You’ll have to familiarize with the printing process and make the necessary changes in the logo. Spot colors look effective on the paper.
  5. The well-thought concept. The time has come when you need to think about the meaning of the proposed design, especially at the level of the concept. Unambiguous meaning along with the simple and understandable design is a key to success.

Creating a logo for the food industry is a specific but a very interesting challenge. Consider both traditional and modern techniques. Use of negative space, vintage style, flat design, etc. – all these and much more tools is at your disposal. But the best and the unique instrument is your imagination. So please use it to the fullest!

Brian Jens is one of the part of DesignContest Marketing Department. He is a talented and creative person. His blog is always interesting and informative. He gets inspiration from his job and likes to be involved in the working process at

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