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Make Money taking surveys

Make money taking surveys are one of the easiest and simple ways to make money online. It does not require learning, skils, time commitment or effort. Before starting I just wanted to tell you that we do not make lots of money by taking surveys. I make only $100 – $150 per month!!

I love doing online surveys, the reasons are, signing up for the survey sites are free, it is all about sharing your personal voices and ideas, no time commitment and do not need to think a lot.

I don’t block time specifically for taking surveys!! I just take surveys while watching movies, waiting in the airport or bus station, talking on the phone with family members, when bored and not interested to do anything.

Here are the steps to make money taking surveys,

Step 1: Signup to all the below survey websites (every single one of them)

Step 2: Complete surveys or tasks

Step 3: Repeat this every day

Step 4: Get Paid

These sites are the survey and market research companies, they basically collect information about market trends and report to government, companies, and research institutions for them to serve the public better.

Often these surveys are super short, which takes about 5-10 mins to complete and get paid. Some sites start with cents and then increase the bounty as they know more about your patterns. The more you respond the better the quality of the opportunity.

Be honest with the answers every time single time that gives you the opportunity for more surveys.

Keep in mind the payout for survey various person to person and more you take the payout gets better.

Each survey companies work differently and there are tons on the internet. But the ones I listed here are reliable and could worth your time.


Respondent is a cool service that facilitates consumer research studies online and in-person — with an average payout of $100 an hour!

Once you create your account, you’ll be able to browse all the open studies you might qualify for. The research brief will tell you the types of people the company is looking to connect with, along with your time commitment and pay rate.

If it looks like a fit, answer the brief screener questionnaire to throw your hat in the ring. I just finished one pre-survey and it gave me a match score of 91%, so I imagine if the company can’t find anyone better-qualified, I’ll get a call.

The respondent will also show you which studies are “oversubscribed,” meaning they have more willing participants than they need, so you know not to waste your time applying for those.

The company takes a 5% processing fee, but the rest of the funds you earn will hit your PayPal account within 8-10 days of your study. 

Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie is my favorite and this is the first money I made by taking surveys online!! They provide short and bigger surveys as well. For 1000 points that pay you $10. I made that first 1000 points in fewer days. It is reliable and provides you with simple surveys.


InboxDollars pays members to sign up, referring friends, and taking surveys. Sometimes they pay for signing up for free on different websites and trying out products. New users also receive $5 just for just joining.

Panda Research

Sign up for free on Panda Research survey site, Complete surveys and get paid through PayPal.


You can sign up for Swagbucks and start earning rewards, cash back in the purchase you make online, and points for completing offers.


House of Opinion — Where opinions pay…With OpinionInn, users earn money by completing surveys. Each survey will let users earn money which gets credited to their OpinionInn account. They can redeem the money through PayPal once they reach the minimum redeem limit of $25.

MyPoints – Earn Points for Surveys

With MyPoints you can get free gift cards or PayPal cash for taking polls, answering surveys and so much more.

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