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Non stick Paniyaram Pan (Ponganalu Pan)

Paniyaram is one of the popular south indian dish. You need to taste it once then you will know what you were missing. 

But unfortunately many people try it at home and fail to make the perfect kuli Paniyarams. 

After trying various types of Paniyarams, we understood the secret formula to make the best Paniyarams at home. 

The secret is having the right Pan. 

Anto's Non-Stick Paniyaram Pan(appe) with Lid and Spatula  

This one pan known by multiple names, is must have Kitchen tool.

  • 9 pits, Paniyaram pan, cooks 9 Paniyaram at a time.
  • Available in cast iron¬†with non-stick coating (also called¬†unniyappam pan or¬†paniyarakkal)
  • Comes with stainless¬†steel lid and wooden stick.
  • Ideal for making Paniyaram at home for a small family or friends treat.
  • Has a¬†flat¬†base, which works very well on Gas and electric stoves (coiled and noncoiled).
  • The non-stick¬†surface¬†is spoon friendly
  • Residue free cooking
  • Extended handle for¬†easy portability
  • Scratch resistant non stick coating

Price: $29.99 

What is the right Paniyaram Pan?

A good Pan should have the following characteristic.

  • Cast Iron with non-stick coating – Cooking in Cast iron adds a unique taste to the food especially for Paniyaram type of food. However the regular cast iron needs seasoning before you can make food without sticking in the Pan.¬†
    Cast iron pan also lasts for a long time.
  • Flat Base – If you are cooking in a Gas Cooktop then this doesn’t matter much. But most of us have electric cooktop in our house so a flat base is important. It also helps the paniyaram to cook evenly.¬†
  • Lid – Having a lid is a must because the lid helps to hold the heat inside and helps to cook evenly. It also¬†creates a steaming kind of cooking for Paniyarams to cook soft inside and cast iron helps to get that crunchy outside layer.
  • Wooden Stick – This is mainly to turn¬†the paniyaram to cook evenly on both sides.
  • Atleast 9 holes – The pan should have atleast 9 pits so that you can cook in¬†more at once rather cooking multiple times in small batches.¬†
  • Deep Ladle – To pour the batter you need a deep ladle rather than a spoon. The main reason is you can pour the mix quickly and have all the paniyaram cook at the same time otherwise you will have some paniyaram cooked fast on one side and the other side is still cooking.¬†

What is Paniyaram or Gunta ponganalu?

A popular South Indian dish that can be customized based on your taste preference. Soft and spongy inside and crunchy outside. 

Paniyaram is an Delicious dish made with steaming batter and cooked in a special pan called Paniyram Pan also know as appe pan.

Paniyaram is a Tamil name, also known as Kuzhi Paniyaram also called Gunta ponganalu in Telugu, and Paddu in Kannada.

It is also known by various other names in South India, including appe, guliappa, gulittu, gundponglu.

You can make Spicy or sweet Paniyaram. Sweet Paniyaram using bananas , rice and jaggary that is also known as unniyappam. 



Kuli Paniyaram/Kuzhi Paniyaram/Sweet Paniyaram

How is Paniyaram Made?

Batter is made with rice or rava or oats. You can make ponganalu or paniyaram with leftover Idli batter also.

Paniyaram is a delicious breakfast dish. You can add many varieties to this dish.

“It is hard to make the perfect Paniyaram without the right appe Pan and the tools.¬†
This complete kit makes it easy to make delicious Paniyaram”

What else can we do with the Paniyaram or Ponganalu Pan?

Glad you asked. 

With this kit you can make a whole lot of recipes. (that’s why we have included the recipe collection that you can make with the pan)

From sweet dishes to snacks and many more. 

This one is a handy tool in our kitchen because I can make quick snacks for my son. 

One such recipe is a egg omelette, egg tastes so different when made with this pan.

If you are interested you can buy the kit.

Paniyaram Pan Kit

Complete kit with all the utensils you need to make Paniyaram at home.

We bring you the full kit so you have everything to make the perfect dish.

  • 9 Hole Non-stick Cast Iron Paniyaram Pan with Handle. Also called¬†paniyarakkal.
  • Stainless Steel Lid with holder.
  • Special Wooden Spatula for turning the Paniyaram.
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl with Stainless steel lid.
  • Stainless steel ladle for pouring the right quantity of Paniyaram batter.
  • Recipe labels to stick in front of you while cooking.
  • Recipe eBook with the¬†recipes that can be made using this Pan.
  • FREE Gift. – Stainless steel oil dispenser
  • FREE Shipping

All for only $69.99 

Huge saving when you buy as a bundle.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl with Lid

Price: $24.99 

Mixing bowl is required to make almost every dish.

This bowl is specifically useful for mixing and storing batters for Paniyaram, Dosa or Idli. 

Comes in real handy when making Paniyaram.

With the matching lid, you can store the left over batter in refrigerator directly. 

  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Stainless steel lid

Stainless Steel Ladle-Stewing Spoon

Price: $9.99 
For making Paniyaram, you need a special type of ladle to fill the right quantity in the pan.
This Ladle is a handy tool for making Paniyaram and saves a lot of time. 
If you are going to buy an appe pan, this ladle is must to go item with that.
  • Stainless Steel Ladle
  • Used for pouring paniyaram¬†batter¬†into pan
  • Multipurpose ladle used to serve soups, stews, sauces and purees.
  • Ladle can conveniently Nested on Pot Rim, or Hung on Rack.
  • Easy to clean finish
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
Paniyaram eBook

eBook with recipes using this unique Pan

Price: $6.99 

Many of you wonder, is it worth investing on Paniyaram pan kit just to make one dish?

The answer is no.

You can make a whole lot of recipes using this Pan.  

From desserts, snacks and breakfast.

Even if you don’t like Paniyaram (which would be unbelievable for me) you can still make other recipes based on your taste preference.

This eBook contains many recipes that you can cook in a appe pan

  • Egg recipes
  • Original Paniyaram Recipes
  • Sweet recipes like unniappam¬†
  • and many more
Paniyaram Recipe Label

Recipes Labels for easy access

Price: $9.99 

We also thought that we would make recipes labels to make it easier for following recipes. 

When your following others recipe, the challenge is accessing it. 

Smartphone, computer and even books are hard to access in the kitchen. 

The best place to have the recipe is to stick it in front of you while cooking.

No need to run back and forth to read the next instruction or risk messing your expensive smart gadgets.

Get a Free Gifts when bought as bundle

stainless steel oil dispenser

Oil Dispenser can with lid

Price: $12.99 

To make any of these dish you need a oil dispenser. 

so we included this little can to store oil and take it handy. 

Stainless steel can with lid. 

If not for oil, you can use it for any purpose. 

You get this for FREE when you get the bundle. 


Limited Time: Get the entire package for an amazing price

Our goal is to make all of you to try this paniyaram recipes at least once.

And that is the reason we have bought you this incredible deal.

To make the deal more irresistible, I am going to add a FREE gift.

Buy this complete set and make delicious Paniyaram at home. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
1 year product warranty
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